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Certified Water Services has providing the highest quality water treatment equipment to the borough and township of Newtown PA 18940 since 1993. We live and have raised our children in Newtown. We have friends and neighbors here and we are committed to providing the highest quality water treatment service.

    All of our Newtown PA 18940 water treatment systems come with:
  • Our Water Quality Association certified knowledge
    of water treatment 
  • Our Better Business Bureau "100% A+ rating” 
  • 1 year warranty on workmanship* 
  • Free estimates 

*We'll also service and/or repair all brands of water treatment equipment in Newtown PA 18940, and honor all manufactures' warranties, no matter who installed it!

Water treatment systems & services offered to Newtown PA 18940:

Water Quality Awareness in Newtown PA 18940

Contaminants Exceeding Health Guidelines in Newtown’s Public Water:
Contaminant: Health Guidelines Max Limit: Average Result Over
Health Guidelines
Percent /Amount OVER Health Guidelines:
Total haloacetic acids (HAAs) 0.7 ppb 25.24 ppb Yes 3600%
Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs) 9.8 ppb 29.7 ppb Yes 300%
Tetrachloroethylene 0 ppb 0.25 ppb Yes 0.25 ppb over limit
Arsenic 0 ppb 0.37 ppb Yes 0.37 ppb over limit

- This report was provided to the Environmental Working Group (ewg.org) by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental
Protection. 1
-Health Guidelines: health guidelines are set below the levels known to cause harm consistent with the ­­­­fundamental goal of public health: PREVENTION.2

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Water Testing in Newtown PA 18940

We have been testing water in Newtown PA 18940 for over 20 years, and have seen a lot of diversity in the water quality throughout Newtown PA 18940. Contaminates most commonly present in the water testing in Newtown PA are: arsenic, MTBE, iron, nitrates, HSO4 (hydrogen sulfide, rotten egg smell), and in well water e-coli and coliform bacteria.

    Water tests offered to Newtown PA 18940:

  • total hardness
  • nitrates/nitrites
  • iron
  • PH
  • total chlorine
  • arsenic
  • hexavalent chromium
  • well water tests for bacteria (e. coli, coliform)
  • volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Testing your Newtown PA 18940 water for other contaminates not listed here can also be done. Many of the water tests we offer to Newtown PA 18940 residents are free of charge, and can be done while you wait. CWS also specializes in bacteria testing for well water in Newtown PA. Well water testing for e. coli and coliform bacteria are the most common. Residents who live on the Delaware River bank are most susceptible to well contamination and should get their well water tested accordingly.

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Reverse Osmosis Systems in Newtown PA 18940

Reverse osmosis drinking water filters are recommended for all residences in Newtown PA 18940. Be aware that the Newtown Artesian Water Company does not keep dangerous contaminants out of our drinking water supply. The Environmental Working Group keeps a database of water quality reports. Check out what is in your Newtown PA water by clicking here. Find out what's in your Newtown PA 18940 tap water by clicking here.

Newtown PA 18940 well water is not tested by the County or any authority.

Newtown PA 18940 Reverse Osmosis System Repair & Services:

We can repair & service (including filter changes) reverse osmosis drinking water filters in Newtown PA. We services all brands, including: Aqua Pure, Culligan, Sears, Fleck, GE, Autotrol, Erie, Clack, Hague, Kinetico, and others.

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Water Softeners / Water Conditioners in Newtown PA 18940

Hard water is common throughout Newtown PA 18940. Whether you have water provided by the Newtown Artesian or a well, hardness levels in Newtown PA 18940 have been found to range from 9-59 gpg (grains per gallon). The function of a water softener in Newtown PA 18940 is to remove calcium (limestone) and magnesium salts from your water through an ion-exchange resin removal system.

Hard water contributes to soap and detergent residue on your household fixtures. It is difficult for soaps to fully dissolve in hard water. Hard water causes scaling that over time will adversely affect your plumbing, and household appliances.

The biggest advantage to having a water softener in your Newtown PA 18940 home is the pleasure you will receive, as my wife would profess, from softer skin and manageable hair!

Newtown PA 18940 water softener repair and service:

Certified Water Services can repair and service water softeners in Newtown PA 18940. We repair & Service all brands, including: Aqua Pure, Culligan, Sears, Fleck, GE, Autotrol, Erie, Clack, Hague, Kinetico, Ionics, and others.

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UV Light Systems in Newtown PA 18940

Whether you live in the borough or the township we have found that wells in Newtown have tested positive for e. coli and coliform bacteria. An ultraviolet (UV) system can remedy this problem. A UV system in Newtown PA 18940 will reduce bacteria and micro-organisms in your drinking water by 99%.

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Whole House Carbon Filters in Newtown PA 18940

The purpose of carbon filtration in Newtown PA 18940 is to remove contaminants from your water. The drinking water in Newtown PA may contain chlorine or chloramines added by Newtown Artesian to remove water borne pathogens. The by product of these chemicals include bromate, chlorite, haloacetic acids (HAA5), and total trihalomethanes (TTHMs or THMs). By installing a carbon filtration system you avoid the risks presented from by-products of chlorine that are present in your water.

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Acid Neutralizers in Newtown PA 18940

The presence of acidic water is common throughout Newtown, PA 18940. Signs of acidic water include the appearance of green staining in your sinks, and bathtubs. If you notice a bluish green tint to your water you may have acidic water. A neutralizer will remedy this problem. When your water has a low pH level as a result of high carbon dioxide levels you will need a neutralizer to return the pH to a normal level.

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Iron Filters in Newtown PA 18940

If you are noticing brown and red staining in your bath tub, toilets, sinks, or on your dishes you are likely to be experiencing high levels of iron in your water. An iron filter will correct this problem.

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Well Chlorination / Well Shocking in Newtown PA 18940

Homeowners living in the borough or township of Newtown, PA that have a well should be aware of the contents of the water. If your well contains water with bacteria present you will need to have your Newtown PA 18940 well shocked/chlorinated. Remember that this is only a temporary remedy. You will need to follow up with further bacteria testing after shocking the well.

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Salt Delivery to Newtown PA 18940:

Let Certified Water Services deliver water softener salt to your Newtown PA 18940 home!

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1. Environmental Working Group. 2007-2011. http://www.ewg.org/tap-water/whatsinyourwater/PA/Newtown-Artesian-Water-Co/1090043/
2. Public Health Assessment Guidance Manual (2005 Update). Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

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